From the earliest days of laser technology to the future.

Our technology dates back to some 40 years ago, when laser technology was in its earliest stages. At that time, the laser technologies were difficult to understand—even for the laser-related company I worked for—without consulting texts and manuals, and those were in foreign languages, too. The turning point for me came in the second year after joining the company. I was sent to the International Geographical Union Meeting in the U.S.A., to give a talk on laser measurement units. I went to San Francisco as our sole representative; I stayed for a few months, during which time I learned about cutting-edge laser technologies and know-how at an electronics show in New York and visits to manufacturers.

In 1969, SHINNIHON KAGAKU MFG., LTD. was established as a total process manufacturer from design, manufacturing, and right up to sales, in addition to the provision of technologies. Since then, we have introduced various types of lasers to our line-up and begun developing next generation equipment such as laser disks, all under the motto “Specialized technologies— unprecedented and inimitable”.

Our strengths are our engineers skilled in mechanical and electrical hardware and software, and “Let’s give it a go” spirit, and our willingness to take on the challenges which even leading electronics manufacturers avoid. With the technologies we have acquired and developed since the earliest days of the laser and the experience we have accumulated for determining the usability and risks of lasers, we can respond to the requirements for high-precision laser equipment while taking safety into consideration.

We will make a concerted effort to continue paving the way to the bright future of laser technology by developing not only industrial and research equipment, but also medical equipment and other lifestyle devices.

Nobuaki Akimoto, President

Corporate profile

Location 2-8-4 Kyonan-cho, Musashino City, Tokyo 180-0023 Japan
Established November 29, 1969
Capital 10,000,000 yen (As of February, 2010)
Representative Nobuaki Akimoto
Number of employees 20
Sales FY2014 1,034,000 (thousand yen)
FY2013 925,000 (thousand yen)
Banks Musashi-Sakai-Ekimae Branch, the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Musashi-Sakai-Minamiguchi Branch, Tama-shinkin bank
Business objectives
  1. Manufacturing and sales of precision scientific machines
  2. Manufacturing and sales of general use optical machines
  3. Manufacturing and sales of general use electric and electronic equipment
  4. Manufacturing and sales of esthetic equipment
  5. Investment in the businesses related to the preceding subparagraphs
  6. Any incidental business relating to the preceding subparagraphs
Business line
  • Laser devices for the measurement of external diameters
  • High-precision pulse stages
  • High-precision servo stages
  • Controllers
  • Optical equipment
  • Laser marking equipment
  • Rider scanners
  • Auto load tester for design and production of special order products
  • Design and production of FA software
  • Esthetic equipment (Optical hair removal device and optical facial treatment device)
  • Precision devices
  • Interferometers
  • Electronic measurement devices
  • CO2 laser oscillators
  • CO2 laser trace cutters
  • Solar cell simulators
  • Accessories and related items for the products described in the preceding paragraphs
Member of Japan Esthetic Industrial Association