Fixed light solar simulator

This device is for evaluating solar cells and uses pseudo sunlight to irradiate the module to test its properties.

The irradiation by solar simulator

The measurement of PV module performance

Providing integrally with the software for the measurement

Solar simulator /JIS C 8912・8933 AAA

Non-uniformity of irradiance in the test plane, and irradiance time variation are class A.

◆ Non-uniformity of irradiance in the test plane

Within ±2% (Class A Valid irradiation area: W1,800 x D1,500mm)
※ Reference cell and monitor cell are used to measure the value for every 100mm. Unevenness of irradiance across the cell

◆ Spectrum matching level

Between 0.75 and 1.25 (Class A)

◆ Irradiance

Between 900 and 1000W/m22

◆ Irradiance time variation

Up to ±1% (Class A)

Equipment for measurement of Non-uniformity of irradiance across the cell

◆ Outline

Effective irradiation area is measured in increments of 100mm using a reference cell and monitor cell (100mm□), instead of at 17 points as specified in JIS C 8912·8933.

[ Measurement screen ]

Constant temperature room

◆ Outline

This device controls the temperature of the areas for the solar simulator, equipment for measurement of unevenness of irradiance, and work rack.

[ Usage ] Hot spot test/Light irradiation test