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CLEAR/SP ADVANCE, a made-in-Japan professional hair remover provided by Nihon Biyo Sangyo Co., Ltd., has realized safety, high efficiency and high functionality.

CLEAR/SP ADVANCE offers a high degree of safety and excellent hair removing performance required for a professional hair remover.

CLEAR/SP ADVANCE has been developed, reflecting the opinions of beauticians and customers. The made-in-Japan device with safe technology sends light of an optimal wavelength to the skin to deliver a safe hair removing treatment.

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    High degree of safety


CLEAR/SP ADVANCE is completely made in Japan and delivers high technology, security and safety. From the minutest of its parts to the device itself, this product is designed and manufactured in Japan. By completely cutting the hazardous wavelength, the device sends light only of the optimal wavelength to the skin.

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    Satisfactory effects


CLEAR/SP ADVANCE enables a custom-made hair removal by setting the optimal level for the individual customer with a unique counseling method. The device sends a stable light to the hair root, with excellent hair removing performance. Also, the device is capable of removing “downy hair” that has never been easy with a conventional hair remover.

Advantages of introducing the CLEAR/SP ADVANCE

  • Shorter irradiation intervals and higher efficiency!
  • Excellent durability unique to a made-in-Japan product and free from anxieties over machine problems
  • Good result and effect by a setting suitable for various skin and hair types
  • Easy-to-use touch panel
  • Two-in-one machine with facial treatment function

Technology of CLEAR/SP ADVANCE

◆ Simple and easy-to-use touch panel

CLEAR/SP uses a touch panel system with a safety design for easy operation. The simple operation supports the smooth treatment. Furthermore, the setting of levels and controlling of the number of shots are easy. With 5 output levels, the device enables custom-made treatment.

◆ Patented cooling device

With this cooling device, the part contacting the skin does not become hot even after long hours of use. Also, the device has a sensor to adjust the temperature.

◆ Special filter of approx. 50 layers

The special filter with approx. 50 layers completely cuts the hazardous wavelength and outputs a constant light. This prevents defects such as degradation and stripping of the filter and ensures safe treatment.

◆ Quartz with excellent penetration ratio

The head of the CLEAR/SP uses top-quality quartz with an excellent light penetration ratio. This realizes the stable output of light onto the hair root without getting hot.

◆ High performance capacitor

CLEAR/SP uses a high-quality capacitor made in Japan to deliver stable output.