Light irradiation tester

This simulator can test characteristic of the aging of the module,
Backseats and a variety of materials by irradiation.

Solar simulator / JIS C 8912·8933

Non-uniformity of irradiance in the test plane, spectrum matching level, and irradiance time variation can respond to Class A, B, and C for production.

◆ Non-uniformity of irradiance in the test plane

Within ±3% (Class B Valid Irradiation area: W2000mm x D1200mm)
 * 17 points according to JIC C 8912 and 8933 * Reference values

◆ Spectrum match

Between 0.6 and 1.4 (Class B) * Reference value

◆ Irradiance

Between 900 and 1000W/m2

◆ Irradiance time variation

Up to ±1% (Class A)

Constant temperature tank

◆ Outline

This equipment controls the temperature of the solar cell module during light irradiation testing.

◆ Module rack

Installed by pulling out the rack and leaning the module on it.
Easy loading and unloading of modules.。