Other system products

We provide integrated design of hardware and software for the evaluation and data collection for electronics components and other devices.

Stage control equipment

【Examples of delivery record】

◆ Laser processor for diamond dice drilling

XYZ Stage + Dice fixing chuck + Laser processor + Control software

◆ Equipment for measuring film stripping charge

XY stage + Static electricity sensor + Control software

◆ Laser processor alignment stage

XYZ stage + Laser processor

System for evaluating the I-V property of solar cells

【Examples of delivery record】

◆ System for evaluating the I-V property of modules

◆ System for evaluating the I-V property of cells

Other systems

【Examples of delivery record】

◆ Wire diameter monitoring system

Laser devices for measurement of external diameters + Motor + Monitoring software

◆ Plating thickness monitoring and controlling system

Power supply unit for plating + Monitoring and controlling software

Custom-order systems

By integrating our technology with your existing measuring instruments,, we can help you shift from manual measurement to auto measurement.

We design hardware, tools, circuits (boards), and software in house.